Girl with a skull

It so happens that the photo session was so good that you then sit and do not know what to choose. And you revise everything, and revise it. And then bam, and a few of months passed … yes, I’m ashamed … These pictures were taken back in the fall, finally, I decided to post them.

I’m in love with black and white pictures. However, at times, I can not resist the bright color photographs. And in some cases, color plays a key role. Therefore, I post this photo session in bright juicy colors.

On my pages on social networks, you can find some of these images in black and white. The original plans were for non-color photos. However, after much deliberation, I decided to abandon black and white.

A bright and interesting image came out. One day, he will appear in my work. Special thanks to Caroline for the incredible props and look. You are super!

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