Morning light

Getting up at 4 am is easy!

Morning light

When they tell you that you need to get up so early and go somewhere else… I don’t know about the others, but I immediately have a state of shock. Because most of the time I’m a night owl and stay up late. However, I overpower myself, set an alarm. And, after sleeping for only 4 hours, I somehow get up. Go to bed early, you ask? Yes, of course, but definitely not about me. While one or the other, but how not to look through the book?

Most importantly, the result is worth such a feat! Arriving at the place, you feel the aroma of a fresh forest morning, wet dew on your feet, the coolness of the river. And the warm first ray of the sun, for the sake of which, in fact, they came here. And you no longer remember the dream that flew by with another delirium. You, not knowing fatigue, run around the model and shoot. You do not pay attention to the soaking wet feet, not at all up to them now. Yes, yes, think in advance and take suitable shoes…

You catch a bright light gliding along the ends of your hair, along your nose and lips. And so that crystal-clear dew on blades of grass and flowers will certainly get into the frame. You are mesmerized by this gentle morning dawn. And even the ubiquitous mosquitoes do not interfere. They are simply not able to distract from the contemplation of this beauty.

A foggy haze hangs over the river. Bare feet wander through the grass and into the water. Coolness envelops and weathers the remnants of sleep. Wet sand breaks under every step. And grass again. Sea of dew. It shimmers in the rays of the sun and shines with large drops.

The sun is already high, but the rays are still oblique and give unusual illumination to the face. This is a unique state of a summer morning, with its smells, coolness and hot spots of light.

However, gradually the magic of the morning passes. And it seems like the sun too, but it shines differently. It’s time to pack up and leave this corner of nature. He will remain a bright memory on photos.

Thanks to the wonderful and gentle Anna for getting me out so early.

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