Oil paintings by famous artist from Belarus

Welcome to the unique and mysterious world of fantastic realism, which opens for us oil paintings of the artist from Vitebsk (Belarus). A world that bewitches and shakes imagination. He plays and shimmers in various colors. Here, mysterious landscapes are combined with philosophical reflections. And behind the outer beauty of the human body you can see hidden thoughts and desires. In this world of beauty, wild animals and ordinary people walk along forgotten trails together.

Saturated and deep colors are combined with the finest nuances that are clearly discernible in close acquaintance. A graphical approach to work makes it even brighter to convey the multifaceted character hidden in every brushstroke and every shade of multi-layered painting.

Immerse yourself in this incredible world of philosophical landscapes, deep portraits and mythological compositions. Here you can find works done in the style of symbolic realism, hyperrealism and even surrealism. One has only to look, and you will see the soul in the very depths of each work.

Oil paintings by famous artist from Belarus

Viachaslau Shainurau

Vitebsk artist and photographer (Belarus)

I work in various techniques. The most important and significant for me are oil painting (oil paintings) and graphic drawing (portraits in pencil). I also enjoy art photography. I explore different genres and directions. The most basic ones are portrait, landscape and complex figure compositions.




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    Morning light

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    Girl with a skull

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Artist Yury Shainurau

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