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Portrait on order by famous artist from Belarus

A portrait is an unforgettable and original gift for your loved ones. Oil painting for many years will give positive emotions and decorate your interior. It is always in sight and reminds of who made this luxurious and expensive gift.

Therefore, a portrait on order is the most demanded service. I love and know how to write with high quality

A portrait of your beloved family member will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. This is the very “highlight” in the interior, which is the guarantee of the owner’s individuality. The portrait will add solidity to any office or study. Therefore, this is the best gift for a boss.

You don’t have to think about what to give. You can order a portrait made from a photo. It will be in a format convenient for you, with any additional elements. The work can be done in oil on canvas or pencil on paper.

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Portrait on order by famous artist from Belarus

Period of execution

Oil painting on canvas is considered the most difficult and time consuming. This is a lengthy process. Layers of paint are applied one on top of the other. And you need to wait a few days for the previous layer to dry. Therefore, high-quality oil work usually takes up to a month. And it’s better when there is time left.

1 month

3-4 day

A pencil portrait on paper, due to the nature of the material, is performed much faster. The job can be completed in 3-4 days.

Portrait prices

The exact cost of the work can be found by contacting me. Because the final price for a portrait is calculated individually for each client.

Framing in a baguette frame

The frame for work is not included in the listed price. Framing workshops are engaged in the decoration of finished works. By prior arrangement, I can order a frame for you or help you with the choice.


The finished work can be picked up at my studio in Vitebsk (Belarus)

Delivery is possible worldwide. The cost of delivery is at the expense of the client. The work can be sent by Belpost services or by courier service.

All the nuances of delivery are discussed individually in each case.

I am an officially registered in Belarus.


For a portrait assignment, I need a 50% deposit upfront and the balance on collection of the completed work. You can pay in cash or by electronic transfer convenient for you.

Creativity has no boundaries. All in your hands. Contact me and I will tell you about the timing and cost.

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