About me

Viachaslau Shainurau

I was born in the city of famous artists in Vitebsk on July 13, 1986. In my school years I studied at the children’s art school No.1 in Vitebsk. Graduated in 2009 faculty of art and graphics of the Vitebsk State University named after P.M.Masherov on the specialty “Fine Arts”. And in 2010 I defended the title of Master of Art Criticism in Vitebsk State University named after P.M.Masherov.

Active exhibition activity began in 2006 with participation in the international student competition. I work a lot and develop in a variety of ways. The main thing is oil painting, represented by portraits, landscapes and complex figurative compositions. I also like graphics, photography and design.

About me

The world is as beautiful as it is. I’m not trying to remake or change it. In my works I want to convey the beauty of the external and internal world, world of nature and man, their mutual relations and feelings of each of us. After all, nothing so worries about how misty haze in the morning coolness and a slight smile of the eyes of the native person

Now I live and work in Vitebsk. I actively participate in regional, national and international art exhibitions and projects. I constantly open solo exhibitions presented by various projects.

My works are in Vitebsk Art Museum, Haradok history museum, private collections in Belarus, Russia, Germany, Italy, the USA