About the Art. An Unnoticed World

A small essay on art. The mysterious world is hidden in ordinary things.

The Beauty Is Unnecessary Part of for Art,
The Art cannot be without Beauty –
it is an axiom

V.G. Belinsky

Every day we are surrounded by usual phenomena. For instance such things as clouds, tries, the rain or the sun, houses, people and a lot of others things. And nobody thinks of such simple and ordinary things. But they can tell us many unusual, interesting and even strange things. The only people should do, is to look at them closer and more attentively. And then you will often amazing things, which will surprise you by their simplicity and… For instance, one day you town in the foggy morning becomes mysterious-endless. And look at the girls sitting by and watching the sky, she looks an ordinary puppy seems us an unusual animal it we look at it through the twilights which pierce us till our brains.

Every day we are surrounded by unusual things. But as usual we don’t notice them. The reason is we are always in a hurry, we are always late. We have no time to watch a free company on tasting a new trend of ice cream. Where can we see a light puff of a light smile of a charming girl?

But it’s only for you to decide. If you want you will be able to shake off all your problems and to see the beauty of our world. You don’t need to go anywhere and to look for the beauty somewhere far. Everything is here, beside you. And then you will often a mysterious world full of imagination and illusions which consists of simple things and phenomena. The world of beauty which will teach us to value all the things which surround us. This world hidden from our sight is fantastic and makes us smile to everything.

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